Britta Berube
Britta Berube
Mountain Bike Races:
Lutsen 49er
Dakota 5-0
Big Sky Biggie
Chequamegon 40
Gravel Pursuit
Otter Creek


PMBIA Level 1
BICP Level 2
Wilderness First Responder

Operations Manager and Mountain Bike Skills Coach

Britta Berube

As a Minnesota native, growing up on a farm and playing college sports, is where the passion for the outdoors and fitness began for Britta.

She has an innate passion for helping others cultivate their love for the outdoors. She is dedicated to encouraging others to try new outdoor activities and push themselves outside their comfort zone. She spends most of her free time outdoors recreating with her pup Enzo. Her favorite outdoor activities include mountain biking, hiking, alpine skiing, and kayaking.

Mountain biking swiftly became her zest for life, she started racing and guiding and decided to combine her love for the sport and helping others by becoming a mountain bike coach. These opportunities have brought her to incredible places, cultivated lifelong friendships, and challenges her in endless ways.

Strength and endurance have always been an integral part of her life and became even more important as she began to race. Now, looking to dive deeper into strength and conditioning so she can have a better understanding of the everyday athlete’s needs; physically, mentally, and spiritually. She is excited to learn from Robin and the MTN LAB team and stoked to see where this new journey takes her.
Getting laid off from a job after 10 years was a blessing in disguise and my turning point. Reflecting on those 10 years I had realized I had been SETTLING in a toxic work environment and COMFORTABLE in my everyday living. I was terrified to step outside my comfort zone. Though, I had been looking for other employment my non-negotiables were set high. When I had no choice but to move forward (or sit and wallow), that’s when things changed for me. I was able to fully commit to other areas of interest. I started networking within the mountain biking industry, received my PMBIA Level 1 certification, took a chance, and moved to the Southwest to start MTB coaching and guiding. Once I fully let go of the conditioning that I had to have a 9-5 full-time job and started pursuing what my heart really wanted, the doors opened with endless opportunities. I was living my dream. I couldn’t fully comprehend it at that time. Since then, I have been embracing this incredible journey of life and continuing to remind myself to be kind to myself as I navigate through the constant change. As I reflect on these moments, it’s a reminder that life is very short. There is absolutely no time to settle, don’t let fear win. Be courageous and do the hard or scary things and fully commit 110%. I am finally realizing the truth to “you don’t know until you try”. Go after what YOU want!

I open my heart to all of our members and am here to support each and every one of you through your journey.
My purpose for coaching is to share my gift, my knowledge, my experiences, and my excitement for the things that enhance my life, in hopes that they may enrich someone else's life. Coaching brings me joy, reward, and excitement. I am inspired by the community, bringing like-minded people together, sharing stories, and being grateful for our bodies and what they allow us to do, and the places it carries us. I want to serve those who are curious, inspired to grow, and open to learning. Regardless if there is fear or discomfort, those are things that can be overcome. Being in the outdoors and supporting others on their personal journey is what motivates me. I want to celebrate wins with others, big or small. I want to empower people to become stronger and more skilled mountain bikers. I want to encourage people to step outside of their comfort zone. And overall supporting clients to become a healthier, happier human.