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When we continue to run into ourselves over and over again and can't seem to figure out why we cant overcome our challenges or personal's time to look deeper.

Physical Training is one component to living a healthy and vital life... but without bringing consciousness to our inner battles and old behavior patterns we can find ourselves uninspired and blocked.

Learn how to unblock your life force energy through integrative practices that bring light to the shadows in your being.  Embark on a personal journey that goes beyond performance and comparison...learn to face oneself in the difficulties and embrace the parts you do not like about yourself to find wholeness within.

This is YOUR Hero's Journey ... learn how to engage with all of life and all of you. Then reap the rewards of personal freedom and self love.

Untangling the Web While remembering different experiences, situations and people is part of the practice - the point is actually much deeper than that. It's about coming to re-experience those same energies that've been dominating all kinds of subsequent situations, experiences, and that are still triggering to this day. In that way, it's not about fixing the past, but seeing how the past continues to influence this current existence; this current moment.

The more you develop a relationship with all of those different memories - the emotions, sensations, states of being and underlying energies - the more you can begin to develop emotional intelligence. Which means that if you learn how to channel those energies; you learn how to work with those energies from the original place of openness, restfulness and wellbeing. No longer labeling, blaming or creating a drama around those situations, we can cultivate that original, pure, openness and innocence in relation to all situations in life. We can begin to change the attitude towards all experiences in life, especially those that may trigger a certain association to different traumas of the past.

The attitude can change from being a victim to becoming a heart-centered, open-minded consciousness. The state of active compassion breaks the vicious cycle of perpetual conditioning. We always have a choice to open up to the original potential of the heart; to let go of the woundedness, and experience forgiveness in a way where there's no longer a blame for anyone or anything. All of which simply comes from not knowing any better.


There is no better time than now

Getting Started Is Easy


Meet with a Coach

We want to know YOU. Talk with one of our team members and share what lights you up and what challenges are holding you back! We are here to meet you where your at and move onward and upward!


Discover Your Priorities (Assessment)

To make progress we need to know where to put in the work! The next step in your journey is to ASSESS health &movement function. That way we can prioritize your training plan.


Take Action with ongoing support and guidance

Take clear action with your personalized fitness plan. Our team is here to ensure you receive support and guidance along the way!


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Conveniently located in Downtown Driggs

18 N Main St #210, Driggs, ID 83422

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Mtn Lab Performance Coaching is located and easily accessible from all of Driggs.

The journey is the destination.