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March 20, 2022

Onward & Upward Overall Top Performer

Meet MTN LAB Member:
Heidi Blischke

Heidi participated in our 2022 Onward & Upward Vert & Mile Challenge. She was our overall highest performer falling into the top 5 participants for both Miles Completed and Vertical Gain accomplished. We connected with Heidi to ask her some questions :)

1) Favorite Outdoor activities in the Valley?
The outdoor activities and incredible people who live here are the reason we moved to Teton Valley. In the winter, I used the groomed trails for classic and skate skiing. We have an incredible trail system!! I also enjoy xc skiing Moose Creek and in other areas without grooming. Teli skiing at Targhee is the best- what a gem! My favorite winter activity here is backcountry skiing-love the pass area but also love exploring and finding fun lines in The Big Holes, the Sting Ray up Darby, Alta Dema bowl up Teton Canyon…! And the yurts are a must experience-I have been to Baldy a number of times-great bc terrain. And Commissary Yurt near Beard’s mountain is fun. Always game for a new routes. Love a good snowy walk with the dog. If I’m injured I tolerate snow shoeing.

Summertime brings mountain biking, road riding, hiking, backpacking, canoeing and paddle boarding on Teton River, and heading down to the Big Eddy for a swim. Again, the trail systems for biking and hiking are unparalleled!!

2) What do I like best about training at Mtn Performance Lab:
I have artificial knees and broke my femur a few years ago leaving me with a rod and screws, and 3 years ago had rotator cuff surgery. Robin’s program focuses on balancing my uneven strength and increasing mobility. Workouts are designed specifically for “me” and Victoria and Robin make sure my form is good. I also enjoy the camaraderie of the gym members-it’s like a small family! Very motivational!

3) What are your favorite exercises:
Today I did a new exercise with movement while balancing on one-leg on the upside down BOSU ball- really liked that one-challenging and fun! I like the diversity of exercises and the circuit training.

4) What are your other interests?
I like music. I play piano, guitar and ukulele for fun. I have been playing ukulele and singing with a girlfriend weekly-we laugh a lot. I just started taking lessons.
I also love baking bread, making jam and jelly from berries in the yard, and gardening. And most importantly getting together with friends!

5) What are your Guilty pleasures?
Too many to list! Guilty pleasures are the reason I need to exercise. Eating fresh bread from the oven even though I shouldn’t eat Gluten; binge watching stupid shows…

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